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Large Cart 80-414C

Small 2 Compartment 80-464C

Small 4 Compartment 80-454C

Short 2 Compartment 80-474c

Short 4 Compartment 80-484C


Wolf Activity Carts


All steel construction with white powder coat finish and rubber mats inside each compartment. Our Activity Carts have sturdy 4" plate casters (two stationary, two swivel), padded bar-style handle and rubber corner bumbers.

Large Activity Cart


The Wolf Large Activity Cart has four compartments, each is 6"x24"x13" deep. Overall dimensions 24"L x 24"W x 36"H. 127 lbs. 80-414C


Description/Style Stock/Product Number Qty
Large Activity Carts 80-414C


Small Activity Carts


Our Small Activity Cart is available with the interior configured in tow or four compartments. Like all our carts, a rubber mat at the bottom of the cart ensures that whatever you put in is cushioned and secure. Overall dimensions: 24"L x 16"W x 36"H. 85 lbs.


Two compartments: 8"W x 24"L x 13" deep. 80-464C

Four compartments: 6"W x 16"L x 13" deep. 80-454C


Description/Style Stock/Product Number Qty
Small Activy Cart - Two Compartments 80-464C

Small Activy Cart - Four Compartments 80-454C


Short Activity Cart


Our Short Activity Cart is ideal for use while seated. This cart comes with 2 or 4 interior files. Pictures at left show the handle in the up and down positions. Overall dimensions: 24"L x 16"W x 27"H.


Two compartments: 8"W x 24"L x 13" deep. 80-474C

Four compartments: 6"W x 16"L x 13" deep. 80-484C


Description/Style Stock/Product Number Qty
Short Activity Cart - Two compartments 80-474C

Short Activity Cart - Four compartments 80-484C

Note: Price and Freight will be calculated in-house before shipping.



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