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Wolf Peg Racks for holding
1, 2, 4, 7 or 9 aprons

Wolf Deca-Rack

Wolf Uni-Hanger

Wolf Skirt Hanger

Glove-Rak Kit





Designed with the busy Radiology department in mind, the Deca-Rak has 10 pivoted arms that fan out to 180 deg. It is mounted on locking casters and has a finish of baked on white polyester powder.


Specifications: 54"H x 51"W x 20"D
Approx. Shipping Weight: 125 lbs.



Penta Mobile


The Penta Mobile is the same as the Deka-Rak, but half the size. It has 5 pivoting swing arms.


Specifications: 54"H x 27"W x 20"D
Approx. Shipping Weight: 75 lbs.


Click here for Assembly Instructions



Description/Style Stock/Product Number Qty
Deca-Rak 16411

Penta Mobile 16405


Peg Rack


Wolf's new Peg Wall Racks are made of steel and finished with a white baked on polyester powder finish. The pegs project only 5 inches from the wall, and the racks are available in sizes to hold one, two, four, seven or nine aprons.


Description/Style Stock/Product Number Qty
Peg Rack- one apron (3"x 7") 16421

Peg Rack- two apron (3"x 8 1/4") 16422

Peg Rack-four apron (3"x 19 1/2") 16424

Peg Rack- seven apron (3"x 35 1/2") 16427

Peg Rack- nine apron (3"x 50") 16429




Our wall mounted Tri-Rak holds a protective apron and a pair of protective gloves. Specifications: 16” H x 28” W x 8” D. Approximate shipping weight: 9 lbs.


Description/Style Stock/Product Number Qty
Tri-Rak 16400




Wolf's wall mounted 5 apron storage unit has 5 pivoting apron hangers that fan out 180°. The Penta-Rak holds up to 110 lbs. maximum weight. Specifications: 4- 5/8" H, 17" W*. Approximate shipping weight: 30 lbs. *with center arm at 90 degrees from racks, depth is 23-1/2”.


Description/Style Stock/Product Number Qty
Penta-Rak 16410




With the Glove-Rack Kit you can add storage for gloves to any Penta Rack, Penta Mobile Rack, and Deka-Rack. Simply screw the glove posts into the hanger unit via the pre-drilled holes and you're done.


Description/Style Stock/Product Number Qty
Glove-Rak Kit 16415


Skirt Hanger


The Skirt Hanger allows you to hang a skirt on any Deka- or Penta-Rak. The Skirt Hanger is 16" W x 5 1/2 " H.


Description/Style Stock/Product Number Qty
Skirt Hanger 16402




The Uni-Hanger allows you to hang any protective apron on a wall hook or in a conventional closet. The Uni-Hanger is 23 1/2" W X 9" H .


Description/Style Stock/Product Number Qty
Uni-Hanger 16401

Note: Price and Freight will be calculated in-house before shipping.



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