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DR Digital Radiography Flat Panel

Wolf Tall DR/CR Stand

Cassette Stand with Tilt & Rotate Extension Arm

Wolf DR/CR Stand

Multiple Plate/Cassette Rack

White Cassette Carts


                                                                DR Panel Protector

The DR Digital Radiography Flat Panel Dimensions: 23.75 x 20.75
17 lbs.

  • Slip Resistant
  • Durable
  • Cutout for tether
  • User Friendly
  • Germ Resistant
  • Easy to Clean
  • Nonporous polyethylene
  • Nonporous polyethylene
  • Unbreakable polycarbonate
  • Faceplate made of polycarbonate supporting up to 750lbs and X-ray lucent for high quality image contrast.
  • Rubber floor grips prevents DR Panel Protector from slipping.
  • Made of germ-resistant, nonporous, easy to maintain and clean polyethylene, polycarbonate and aluminum.
  • Compatible with Canon, Siemens, Toshiba, GE, Philips, Shimadzu, Quantum, Carestream, Fuji, Varian, Konica Minolta and AGFA digital systems.

Cassette Stands

Standard Tilt and Rotate Cassette Stand 80-133 --The industry standard, this unit allows straight vertical, incline backwards, incline forward, rotate or oblique tilt, face up and face down. Vertical range from bottom of cassette/plate: floor to 54". The arm slides vertically on a 60" chrome steel post. Broad 24" wide 'H' base Prevents tipping and tripping.


Extension Arm Tilt and Rotate Cassette Stand 80-137 -- Essentially the same unit as the "Standard", the Extension Arm features an "extending arm". Cannot be used for DR. The arm slides vertically on a 60" chrome steel post. Broad 24" wide 'H' base Prevents tripping and tipping.


Wolf Mobile DR/CR Stand 80-140 -- The Wolf DR/CR Mobile Stand is ideal for heavy DR/CR receptors up to 18" x 18". Features a bilateral clamp to securely hold receptors. This is a fixed-position stand--does not tilt or rotate.


Wolf Tall DR/CR Stand 80-139 -- The Wolf Tall DR/CR stand holds 14" x 36" or 51" image receptors (fixed position only). It has a vertical range of 54" from the floor to the bottom of image receptor. Features a 60" chrome post, platinum baked enamel finish, and a 24" H-Base with locking casters. Ships in 2 cartons: 15lbs and 45lbs. 

Wolf Cassette Carts



Heavy Duty Cassette Cart

Designed for rugged use, the Wolf Heavy Duty Cassette Cart is the perfect addition for the busy radiology department. Constructed of heavy gauge steel, with a tough washable white polyester powder finish, our heavy duty cassette cart rolls about easily on four sturdy rubber casters that lock in position. The heavy duty model has 3 levels divided into 5 compartments that hold any size cassette from 14” x 17” on down (maximum 125 cassettes).

Specifications: 17” D x 20” W. x 50” H. Shipping Weight: ~100 lbs

Click here for Assembly Instructions



White Cassette Carts

All steel construction with powder coat finish, units have rubber mat inside each compartment and padded bar-style handles and scuff resistant tops.

Tall Cassette Carts (with casters) 80-038 -- Eight 6" wide compartments with 16 3/4 " vertical clearance.
24" L x 18" W x 45 1/2" H. Shipping Weight: ~120 lbs.

Tall Cassette Carts (without casters) 80-037 -- Stationary version of the Tall Cassette Cart.

Mini Cassette Carts 80-024 -- Four 6" wide compartments with 16 3/4" vertical clearance.
24" L x 18" W x 36" H. Shipping Weight ~95 lbs





Description/Style Stock/Product Number Qty
DR Panel Protector 23.75x20.75 56148

Heavy Duty Cassette Cart 25515

White Cassette Cart -Tall 80-038

CR Plate/Cassette Holder 80-035

Tall Cassette Cart- Stationary 80-037

Mini Cassette Cart 80-124

Extension Arm CR/Film Stand 80-137

Standard Tilt & Rotate Stand 80-133

Wolf DR/CR Stand 80-140

Wolf Tall DR/CR Stand 80-139

Note: Price and Freight will be calculated in-house before shipping.



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