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Adjustable Over Table Barrier

Center Mount Barrier

Frame Mounted Overhead Barriers

Protective Curtains for
Overhead Barriers

3 Section Double Pivet

Single Section Single Pivet


Overhead and Table Shields


Adjustable Over Table Barrier


Designed for protection in any situation, our Over-Table Barrier wheels to any location. The barrier mount allows 360 deg rotation on vertical and horizontal planes so the barrier can be used in unlimited working positions.

The semi-circular cutout fits closely to the patients torso for maximum shielding from x-ray exposure. A 6 inch offset pivot provides a maximum extension of 36". The barrier is 0.5mm lead equivalence clear acrylic and is 24" square. The barrier height is adjustable from 63" above floor to 30" at the center.


Description/Style Stock/Product Number Qty
Adjustable Over Table Barrier 80-615



Center Mount Barrier


Our "CMBs" have a ball-and-socket center mount that rotates 360 degrees. It is supported with either single- or dual-mount ceiling column, or can be used with our Ceiling Track System (shown below). The barrier is 76cm high and 61cm wide and provides 0.5mm lead equivalency protection.


Description/Style Stock/Product Number Qty
Center Mount Barrier 80-596



Frame Mounted Overhead Barrier


Can be used with a single or a dual ceiling mount, or attached to the ceiling track (#80-270). All options allow 360 deg barrier rotation. 0.5 mm lead equivalent.


Description/Style Stock/Product Number Qty
With cutout (23.5" x 31.5") 80-568

Dual Ceiling Mount (15.75" x 19.5") 80-645



Protective Curtains for Overhead Barriers


These curtains (shown attached to the bottom of a barrier) add an extra 8" of protection at the bottom of the barrier, and are easy to install via supplied velcro.


Description/Style Stock/Product Number Qty
For Barrier #80-645 80-356

For Barrier #80-596 80-361

For Barrier #80-568 80-380C



Ceiling Track System


Our Ceiling Track is made to be used with our "CMB" Mounted Barrier (80-596) and our Overhead Barrier (80-568).


The perfect accessory for getting maximum usage from your barrier system, the track allows you to slide your barrier more than 8 ft. The track is 2.5 meters long (98.5") and comes with one carrage that handles one column.


Available as Regular Ceiling Track (80-260) and Heavy Load Track System (80-270).


Description/Style Stock/Product Number Qty
Regular Ceiling Track 80-260



WolfLite Lamp with Arm Mounting


The WolfLite lamp runs on AC, 110-120 v power and features adjustable focus with a light intensity of 35K Lux from one 24 Volt, 50 watt Halogen bulb. The lamp head is 22 cm in diameter. Focusable illuminated field is 14 to 25 cm and can be used in combination with any ceiling mount barreir.


Description/Style Stock/Product Number Qty



3 Section Double Pivot Under Table Shields


This 32" W x 28" L shield comes with a removable 9" high top. It's equipped with a bracket that locks onto a table side accessory rail up to 28.2mm high x 8.8mm deep. The flexable .05mm lead equivalent overlapping curtains are attached to a pivot arm.


Single Section Single Pivot Shields


This shield is 24" W x 28" L with a removable 9" high top shield the full 24" length. It has a single pivoting arm with 0.5 mm lead equivalency protection. Equipped with a 17 cm wide mounting bracket that locks into a table side accessory rail up to 28.5 mm high by 8.5 mm deep.


Description/Style Stock/Product Number Qty
3 Section Double Pivot Shield 80-404

Single Section Single Pivot Shield 80-403

Note: Price and Freight will be calculated in-house before shipping.



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