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Home ยป Protective Apparel >> Apron: Thyroid Collars and Cap


Wolf Thyroid Collar

Sof-T Thyroid Collar

X-Ray Protective Cap


Wolf Thyroid Collar


Wolf's Thyroid Collar provides protection to the neck area. The collar is held in place by a loop and hook closure. 0.5mm protection. See color and pattern choices below.


Sof-T Thyroid Collar

Wolf's new Sof-T Thyroid Collar provides the wearer the ultimate in protection and comfort. By combining an outer shell of soft, stain resistant nylon and a super pliable, lightweight lead equivalency protective core material, Wolf's Sof-T Collar is a unique addition to it's extensive line of protective apparel.


The collar is held in place by an adjustable loop and hook closure and it's sleek design allows for maximum neck mobility. The Sof-T Collar is 0.5mm lead equivalency protection. See color and pattern choices below.



X-Ray Protective Head Cap


Wolf's X-Ray Protective Head Cap helps protect the the skull from radiation, providing 0.5mm LE Protection on all sides and 0.25mm protection on top. Made of the same materials as our aprons, the Wolf X-Ray Protective Cap will provide many years of dependable service. One size. Available in Navy Blue (22) vinyl.


To see the white paper: "Brain Tumors among Interventional Cardiologists..." click here.










Description/Style Protection Stock/Product Number Qty
Disposable Thyroid Collar Covers 0 75843

Thyroid Collar 0.5mm 75060

Sof-T Thyroid Collar 0.5mm 75070

Wolf Protective Cap 0.5 / 0.25 75505-22

Note: Price and Freight will be calculated in-house before shipping.



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