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Radiation Badge

Badge Rack


Radiation Monitoring Badge Service


Wolf's Thermo-luminescent Dosimeter (TLD) Badges provide 90 day monitoring using the latest technology to accurately monitor your personal exposure to radiation. The badge has 4 elements for detection and a 3 month usage before being read. Badges are punch-coded and have control numbers for easy tracking.


Every 3 months a new badge will be automatically sent, along with an envelope for returning your present badge. The returned badge is processed and a report generated and sent to you. If any reading exceeds standards, we will contact you immediately. With Wolf's TLD Badge Service there are NO Charges for set up, staff changes, replacement reports or control badge charges.


To enroll: Fill out an enrollment form and mail or fax (631-242-1001) it to Wolf X-Ray or call at 800-356-9729. Enrollments are accepted to begin when your current service runs out.


Radiation Badges are available for areas as well as for individuals.


Click here for Enrollment Form



Radiation Monitoring Board


Boards provide a perfect tracking method as well as an exposure record display area. Our boards accommodate TLD badge or film type badges. For film badges, a clear pouch is provided under the badge station to hold a new film strip.


Description/Style Size/Lense Stock/Product Number Qty
10 Badge Rectangular
12" x 5"

20 Badge Rectangular
12" x 9 1/4"

40 Badge Rectangular
12" x 18"

10 Badge square,hex
12" x 9 1/4"

20 Badge square,hex
12" x 18"

40 Badge square,hex
12" x 18"

10 Badge ring
12" x 5"

Note: Price and Freight will be calculated in-house before shipping.



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