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Cleaner, Brush, Tape

Plate Covers


Miscellaneous Cassette Items



Screen Cleaner

The ideal cleaning solution for removing dirt, dust and fingerprints, increasing and intensifying screen efficiency, and prolonging screen life. It is antistatic,works as well on cassettes and illuminators and comes in a large economical 12 oz. plastic squeeze bottle.



Screen Tape

Famous 3M Brand Scotch double sided screen tape is the easy way to mount intensifying screens that still allows removal. Comes in a roll 3/4” wide, 60 yards long.



Cassette Brush

Designed specifically for cleaning lint and dust from screens, this high quality camel's hair brush features 1-1/2” long bristles, 3” wide, firmly embedded in a metal collar attached to the varnished wooden handle.



Disposable Cassette and CR Plate Covers

Our disposable Cassette/CR Plate covers prevent cross-contamination and protect physicians and patients. They dispense easily from the box and have a sandwich bag style folding flap. Can also be used to cover positioning sponges.


Description/Style Stock/Product Number Qty
Screen Cleaner (Pkge. of 4) 21603

Screen Tape 14102

Cassette Brush 14103

Cover 8" x 10" (100/box) 80-008

Cover 10" x 12" (100/box) 80-012

Cover 14" x 17" (100/box) 80-014

Cover 8" x 10" (500/box) 80-010

Cover 10" x 12" (500/box) 80-112

Cover 14" x 17" (500/box) 80-017

Note: Price and Freight will be calculated in-house before shipping.



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