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Wolf Packs Workstation: Banana Split Top Height-Adjustable Base Triple Monitor Arm CPU Foot Mount Vertebra Cable Spine


Wolf PACS Workstations


Wolf X-Ray has been providing medical imaging professionals
for almost 80 years with reliable products and services, and
are now pleased to present our new line of PACS Workstations!

As with our entire line of products, each PACS Workstation
is designed with the operator in mind, and features contoured
shapes, body and limb support and incredible adjustability.

We have over 100 different stock sizes and shapes of
workstations to fit every application and room size. This along
with our array of peripheral equipment allows us to provide
the most comprehensive and desirable PACS workstations
available on the market today!

If you can not find exactly what you are looking for, Wolf's
knowledgeable customer service staff and local sales
representatives will be happy to customize a stock design
or start from scratch to design a PACS Workstation custom
tailored for you.



Wolf PACS Workstations

Click Here to view the Brochure!


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