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The perfect accessory for your grids, “Protect-A-Grid” guards your grids from damage and allows for easier cassette insertion.

Encasement With Channels

White Lexan with Polyethylene Channels completely encase the grid. Allows you to easily slide the x-ray cassette into the channels while offering advanced protection to your grid.

EZ-Slide II

Constructed of durable lightweight aluminum with closed welded corners. Offers protection to your valuable grid while easily allowing the cassette to slide in and out.

NOTE: Grids are sold separately.

Size Encasement With Channels EZ-Slide II
8" X 10" 42210 43210
10" X 12" 42212 43212
24 X 30cm 42213 43213
11" X 14" 42214 43214
14" X 17" 42217 43217