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California's Prop 65

Wolf lead and lead free aprons and California’s Proposition 65

California passed Proposition 65 in 1985 in an effort to keep California residents educated about the potential risk of exposure to many diverse types of chemicals and ingredients found in various foods and other products. Recently California made it mandatory that products that contain any of these ingredients apply a label identifying themselves, using specific symbols and language.

For the list of over 800 substances click here. Wolf’s products are free from any of these ingredients except for our Lead protective Aprons and darkroom thermometers. To comply with this regulation we have placed a warning label on all of our Lead Apron products, (these contain lead) as well as our darkroom thermometers, (these contain mercury). Wolf protective aprons are made of 3 protective materials; regular lead, a light weight leaded material or lead free composite. Proposition 65 only applies to the leaded aprons. However these aprons are perfectly safe to handle and pose no problem as long as the outer covering is not ripped or torn. The lead material is sandwiched inside the outer fabric coverings and when properly maintained is safe to use and can last for years. 

Wolf lead-free aprons do not contain any of the materials listed under Proposition 65. At Wolf Xray we take personal safety very seriously. Wolf Xray and our sister company Flow Dental have been a leader in protective medical and dental apparel for over 75 years!

All of our products are thoroughly checked to ensure the highest quality. Wolf aprons are made in our factory in Rocky Mount NC. Our factory is both FDA certified and ISO / CE Certified. Likewise our darkroom thermometers are manufactured in America and thoroughly inspected prior to shipment. For more information on mercury and mercury poisoning click here. If you have any additional questions or require further assistance, please contact us via e-mail at info@wolfxray.com or via phone at 800-356-9729