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Definition of Intensifying Screen Speeds

Blue Emitting Calcium Tungstate
  • Detail (fine): A very slow system seldom used in modern radiography, used by Podiatrists in some instances. It has a relative speed of 50 when used with Hi Speed Blue Film.
  • Medium: Twice the relative speed of Detail (100), and like Detail, seldom used today.
  • Hi-Plus: With a relative speed of 200 when used with High Speed Blue Film, this is the most commonly used screen that does NOT employ a rare earth phosphor.
  • Lighting Plus: Listed here just for your information. These screens are used in very specific situations and seldom produce medical diagnostic results as they are too fast resulting in grainy films.
Green Rare Earth Screens
  • Fine: 100 speed system when used with regular speed green film. Very fine detail system, used for extremity x-rays.
  • Medium: Twice the speed of the fine system but seldom employed in radiography today.
  • Regular: Has a relative speed of 400 when used with regular green sensitive film. Far and away the most commonly employed film screen system today.
  • Fast: The highest speed green rare earth screen. With regular green sensitive film you would have a 600 speed and with high speed green film you could get a speed of 1200. It is seldom used in radiography today.
Blue Rare Earth ScreensBlue
  • Detail: With regular speed blue the relative speed would be 200, and with half speed film 100. Hardly used.
  • Blue Fast Detail: Here you would have exactly double of the “blue detail” depending on which blue film isused. You will find this product in some Chiropractic offices.
  • Blue III: This is the most commonly used blue rare earth screen. With high speed film you would have an 800 speed, and with half speed film you would get 400. For the blue rare earth market, the one you will find most frequently would be this screen with the half speed blue film. Note that you would get a 400 speed system just as you do with the green regular system.