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How Remote Measurement And Customization Works

With rising demand for custom aprons Wolf has partnered with Nettelo to help make your custom apron.

 You deserve a custom-made apron and some the benefits are:

  • added comfort
  • reduces fatigue
  • your name on your apron means others will not be wearing it

 Nettelo’s app allows you to take your measurements from phone and at your convenience. Anytime and anywhere.

To Order Your Custom Fitted Apron Remotely Just Follow 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Contact Wolf or Your Wolf Dealer and let them know your are interested in a custom-made apron. Wolf or your Wolf Dealer will ask you for the following information Which you can email, mail or communicate via phone.

 Your contact information:

  • Your Name
  • Name of Practice/Hospital
  • Your email address

The Apron Choices You’ll Need To Make and Communicate  

  • Apron Style
  • Apron Color
  • Apron Protection (Lead free, lightweight lead, regular lead)
  • Optional Extras such as embroidery or thyroid collar

Step 2: Create Your Remote Body Scan

Wolf or your local Wolf dealer will email you an apron link  (or fill out this form)

Once you receive the link follow the instructions to take a self-scan of your measurements with the Nettelo app. (For best results we recommend using a tripod or have someone help.)

 Once the measurements are completed your data will be sent to Wolf. If it does not auto send click the share function, select email, and email the info from the app to info@wolfxray.com

Once Wolf has the data your quote will be prepared and a written quote with everything you asked for will be sent you via email for you to confirm or change.

You will then enter a purchase order number and the name of your Wolf dealer (if you haven’t already specified your dealer).

 Step 3: Wolf will create and send you your custom apron to wear.