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Illuminators - Definition of Terms and Summary Tables

Wolf X-Ray manufactures the most comprehensive range of illuminators available. Familiarizing yourself with “The Definition of Terms” and Summary Tables” presented below will enable you to pick the Wolf Illuminator best suited to your needs.

Definition of Terms
  • Bulbs per 14” x 17” Viewing area: All Illuminators come with fluorescent bulbs, the number of bulbs per 14” x 17” panel are listed below. Actual candela per square meter per panel is listed on the individual products.
  • Cluster Switch: Switches include a “master switch” to shut off the entire unit. These are standard for 2 over 2 & up.
  • Reflectors: All Wolf illuminators are equipped with advanced reflectors which guarantee a diffused, evenly lit viewing area.
  • Auto Switch: Switches on when film is inserted, off when it’s removed.
  • Individual Switch: Individual “on/off” switch per 14” x 17” section.
  • Hospital Grade Plus: A spark-proof, hospital approved, 3 prong plug.
  • Roller Grip: A roller bar grip extending full viewing length.
  • Magic Grip: Built in tension grip, no moving parts.
  • Wolf’s E-Z Bar: Allows you to install Wall Hung units simply, quickly and without opening the unit! Simply screw the provided bar into the wall at the desired location, and mount the illuminator on it.
  • Recessed Mounting: Cabinet is installed in the wall. Units ordered for recessed mounting are provided with a kit that easily adapts standard units for recessed mounting.
  • Mobile Stand: Mobile desk console unit for multiple banks.
  • Desk Stand: Allows single illuminators to stand on desk.