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Here are the listings and meanings of symbols that appear on our many products.

Symbol Meaning
Do Not Reuse
Sterilized using aseptic processing technique
Sterilized using ethylene oxide
Sterilized using irradiation
Sterilized using steam or dry heat
Tempature range in °C from bottom number to top number
Date of manufacture
Use By. Use this product by specified date (usually shown in either YYYYMMDD or YYYYMM)
Refer to instructions for use
Authorized representative in the European Community
Catalog number
Batch code
Serial number
Contains sufficient for < n > tests
Caution, consult accompanying documents
In vitro diagnostic medical device
For IVD Performance Evaluation only
Consult instructions for use
Negative Control
Positive control
Temperature limitation
Upper limit of temperature
Lower limit of temperature
Biological risks