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Clear Pb Acrylic Windows

The safer alternative for radiation shielding windows. Clear Pb Acrylic Windows offer an opportunity for large, durable and shatter-resistant radiation protection wherever it’s needed.

  • Safe, durable, shatter resistant
  • Effective radiation protection, Clear-Pb is 30% lead by weight, with outstanding light transmission
  • Easy and safe to handle
  • The favorable choice over Clear Pb Glass
  • Radiation protection with large windows offers an unobstructed view
  • Ease of handling eliminates high construction costs
  • Stock sizes available

Clear Pb Acrylic is the shatter-resistant option when a large undistorted radiation protection viewing window is necessary. Safe to work with, the window panel can be cut to fit standard lead-lined window frames. Clear Pb Acrylic is a unique, versatile, transparent acrylic plastic containing 30% lead by weight. The windows offer effective radiation protection with outstanding light transmission. Windows are available in six different thicknesses; the amount of radiation protection is relative to the thickness. With lead equivalencies of 0.3 mm to 2.0 mm available.

Wolf stocks the most popular sizes and thicknesses:

  • 8 mm with 0.3 mm LE Stock #51008
  • 12 mm with 0.5 mm LE Stock #51012
  • 18 mm with 0.8 mm LE Stock #51018
  • 22 mm with 1.0 mm LE Stock #51022
  • 35 mm with 1.5 mm LE Stock #51035
  • 46 mm with 2.0 mm LE Stock #51046

Included with each window are comprehensive handling instructions.

All Clear Pb Acrylic Products are Also Available in Clear Pb Glass.

In addition, we furnish glass with 9.0 mm thickness and 2.0 mm LE. Glass is secured by a 1-piece lead stop on all four sides.

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