Clear PB Acrylic Windows

Clear PB Acrylic Windows

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The safer alternative for radiation shielding windows. Clear Pb Acrylic Windows offer an opportunity for large, durable and shatter-resistant radiation protection wherever it’s needed.

    • Safe, durable, shatter resistant
    • Effective radiation protection, Clear-Pb is 30% lead by weight, with outstanding light transmission
    • Easy and safe to handle
    • The favorable choice over Clear Pb Glass
    • Radiation protection with large windows offers an unobstructed view
    • Ease of handling eliminates high construction costs
    • Stock sizes available

Clear Pb Acrylic is the shatter-resistant option when a large undistorted radiation protection viewing window is necessary. Safe to work with, the window panel can be cut to fit standard lead-lined window frames. Clear Pb Acrylic is a unique, versatile, transparent acrylic plastic containing 30% lead by weight. The windows offer effective radiation protection with outstanding light transmission. Windows are available in six different thicknesses; the amount of radiation protection is relative to the thickness. With lead equivalencies of 0.3 mm to 2.0 mm available. Wolf stocks the most popular sizes and thicknesses:

  • 8 mm with 0.3 mm LE Stock #51008
  • 12 mm with 0.5 mm LE Stock #51012
  • 18 mm with 0.8 mm LE Stock #51018
  • 22 mm with 1.0 mm LE Stock #51022
  • 35 mm with 1.5 mm LE Stock #51035
  • 46 mm with 2.0 mm LE Stock #51046

The windows also are available in custom sizes, with custom fabrications and in thicknesses of 8 mm (0.3 mm LE) to 46 mm (2.0 mm LE).