Nuclear Medicine Mobile Barrier Clear-Pb

Nuclear Medicine Mobile Barrier Clear-Pb

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Clear-Pb Nuclear Medicine Mobile Barrier offers protection against patient-emitting radiation, a must have for every nuclear medicine department the With the patient behind the barrier, the technologist can be in the same room, lessening the patients fears and anxieties

  • 1.0 mm lead equivalent protection
  • Features 24" x 48" Clear-Pb viewing area
  • designed for easy maneuvering and cleaning

Ideal for use during nuclear medicine procedures, the Clear-Pb Nuclear Medicine Mobile Barrier provides complete protection against patient emitted radiation. Safe, durable and shatter resistant, the Clear-Lead window is a transparent acrylic containing 30% lead by weight.

With its large casters, the Clear-Lead™ mobile barrier is effortless to maneuver offering protection wherever it’s needed.


  • Overall Dimensions: 49.5" w x 61.1" h (126 x 155 cm)
  • Window: 48" w x 24" h ( cm)
  • Opaque Panel: 48" w x 32" h (cm)
  • Shielded Area: 48" w x 56" h (cm)
  • Window: 1.0 mm lead equivalency
  • Opaque Panel: 1.1 mm lead equivalency Leg Depth: ?" (? cm)
  • Casters: Four hospital grade, locking Weight: ? lb. ( kg)
  • Warranty: one year parts and labor

56613 Barrier, Mobile, Clear-Lead Nuclear Medicine, Wide Window For patient-emitting radiation, 1.0 mm protection