Clear-Pb Windows

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Clear-Pb is a new innovation from Wolf. It is a lead acrylic that provides wide viewing protection with from 0.3mm to 2.0mm LE protection.


We can make any and all sizes contact us for a quote and to discuss your needs.


Clear-Pb is a shatter-resistant choice offering a large undistorted radiation protection window in sizes up to 96 inches wide. Clear-Pb is easy and safe to handle easily cut with common tools cuts down high construction costs. The inherent safety of acrylic-plastic is obvious over lead glass, during handling, installation and longtime use, it just does not break or shatter easily, this safety allows for much larger windows than can be safely offered with glass. Available in lead equivalencies of 0.3 mm up to 2.0 mm

If you scratch your Clear-Pb contact us and we’ll send you a free tube of NOVUS #2 plastic polish