Identifier Words

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Markers are sealed and words are formed from individual letters.

Example of Identifier Words Color Stock Number
Description Example Size ⅜" Size ½"
single letter 3 Red 50134A-38-R 50134A-12-R
2-3 letters EXT Red 50134B-38-R 50134B-12-R
4-5 letters 25 MIN Red 50134C-38-R 50134C-12-R
6-7 letters STRESS Red 50134D-38-R 50134D-12-R
8+ letters PORTABLE Red 50134E-38-R 50134E-12-R
single letter 3 Blue 50134A-38-L 50134A-12-L
2-3 letters EXT Blue 50134B-38-L 50134B-12-L
4-5 letters 25 MIN Blue 50134C-38-L 50134C-12-L
6-7 letters STRESS Blue 50134D-38-L 50134D-12-L
8+ letters PORTABLE Blue 50134E-38-L 50134E-12-L
single letter 3 Yellow 50134A-38-Y 50134A-12-Y
2-3 letters EXT Yellow 50134B-38-Y 50134B-12-Y
4-5 letters 25 MIN Yellow 50134C-38-Y 50134C-12-Y
6-7 letters STRESS Yellow 50134D-38-Y 50134D-12-Y
8+ letters PORTABLE Yellow 50134E-38-Y 50134E-12-Y
single letter 3 Green 50134A-38-G 50134A-12-G
2-3 letters EXT Green 50134B-38-G 50134B-12-G
4-5 letters 25 MIN Green 50134C-38-G 50134C-12-G
6-7 letters STRESS Green 50134D-38-G 50134D-12-G
8+ letters PORTABLE Green 50134E-38-G 50134E-12-G

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