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Wolf Lasso Strap for Positioning Extremities

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The Wolf Lasso strap is for positioning extremities with hanging devices.


But that's not all, The Wolf Lasso Strap: 


  • Acts as a second pair of hands to avoid holding the patient and
  • receiving unnecessary radiation.
  • Strap around the patient for extremity positioning, extra support, or holding patient in place.
  • Strap around patient's extremity and around a bed rail or stretcher rail
  • Patient can pull extremities into position, i.e. calcaneus imaging
  • Use to lift arms up for patients with limited range of motion

It comes in several sizes:

 91264: 24"

91260: 48"

91261: 72"


Connect strap to wall bucky handle to support patients elbows or hands for lateral upright imaging in chest, T-Spine or other lateral positioning when patients have limited range of motion.
Also, for post-op or intubated patients, support extremity xrays by "lassoing" the extremity and pullinginto position with support from the bed rail.



The calcaneus is the large bone forming the heel. It articulates with the cuboid bone of the foot and the talus bone of the ankle, and the Achilles tendon (or tendo calcaneus ) is attached to it.