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Lead Glass - SAFTY GLASS Mobile Barrier

Lead Glass - SAFTY GLASS Mobile Barrier

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The Wolf  Lead Glass Mobile X-Ray Barrier provides a full-body shield for one or two doctors or radiology technologists, and can be easily repositioned or moved from room-to-room!

The  clear, lead-glass viewing panel provides exceptional visibility and comes in 1.6mm LEP lead equivalent protection. The opaque lower panel provides 1.60mm lead equivalent protection. The shatter-resistance and durability of the Wolf  Lead Glass ensures long life under heavy use. Locking casters allow the barrier to be moved or repositioned easily, and then locked in place to avoid creeping.

Stock #:
56600-S 56603-S 56606-S
Overall Size:
75H x 49W x 25D 75H x 31W x 25D 75H x 31W x 25D
Clear Panel:
30H x 48W 24H x 30W 48H x 30W
1.60 mm 1.60mm 1.60 mm
Ship Dims:
55 x 34 x 82 36 x 34 x 82 36 x 34 x 82
Ship Weight:
 lbs  lbs  lbs  

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