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Steritatt is a single-use sterile skin marking device that contains sterile, non-toxic, low-allergy,
permanent ink. Each device is safety-sealed and gamma-irradiated, guaranteeing sterility and ensuring
a safe, permanent ink marking of your patients. Steritatt meets the standards of a medical device.
Each Steritatt ink dispenser, and the ink inside, is sterilized following the protocols for the sterilization of medical devices, ISO 13485 and ISO 11737-2. Each individually wrapped dispenser is designed for quick, accurate application. Steritatt’s pen-like design makes it easy and safe to use and helps
standardize the methods therapists employ to administer tattoos. Ink-flow is regulated so only as much
ink as is needed will be dispensed into the patient’s skin—controlling the cosmetic impact a tattoo will
have on the patient.
For just a few dollars per patient, it’s not worth the mess and risk of using unreliable, non-sterile alternative products on your patients.
Ink Your Patients Safely with Steritatt


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Single Service Steritatt Markers (25/Box) Stock No. 90001-W Black
25 Single Service Steritatt Markers and 25 sterile needles Stock No. 90002-W Black
25 Single Service Steritatt Markers - Pink (UV light visible) Stock No. 90015-W Pink