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Mammoline Mammography Illuminator

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The Mammoline combines superior lighting technology with ACR mandated masking shutters for optimum film viewing.

At top intensity, the Mammoline produces over 7,600 Candela per square meter of illumination! You can also adjust the light output down to 270 Candela via a built-in dimmer (the ACR recommends a minimum of 3,400 Candela per square meter per viewing area).

Wolf’s unique reflector design disperses light evenly to eliminate “hot spots” found on other viewers. The ballasts are state-of-the-art energy efficient solid-state units for flicker-free instant-on lighting. The Mammoline’s shutters are completely light-proof and glide easily on horizontal and vertical tracks. Film grips are gravity rollers for easy film mounting.

The Mammoline is easily wall-mounted by means of Wolf’s unique E-Z Mounting Bar. An optional Mobile Stand is also available. The Mammoline cabinet is 48" long, 36" high and 5" deep. The viewing area is two tiers measuring 38½" x 11" each. The finish is baked-on enamel. The approximate shipping weight for wall-hung units is 146 lbs.

Shipping Dimensions 64" X 56" x 8" 146lbs

The Mammoline cannot be recessed.

Mammoline Manual

See our illuminator specifications.

UL 60601-1
CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 601.1