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Trimline LED Illuminator

Trimline LED Illuminator

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Wolf’s Trimline LED Illuminator utilizes LED technology to bring you an x-ray viewbox with a uniquely even light surface in a super-thin cabinet. Less than 1 inch deep, it gives you the look of a recessed unit without the hassle of cutting holes in your wall.

Available as a single unit or a two-in-one. Each panel accommodates up to one 14” x 17” x-ray. All units come fully equipped with auto switches that activate the viewing area when films are inserted, as well as a manual on/off switch.

The Trimline LED comes with a One Year Wolf Warranty for defects in parts or manufacturing. Sleek, modern, affordable film viewing, the Trimline LED is the perfect addition to your reading room.

Stock Number Viewing Area Dimensions
(Height Length Depth)
Shipping Weight
Power Consumption
Single Unit
14" X 17"
360 x 422mm

20 "x 19" x 1.5"
50.2 x 48.5 x 3.8cm

6.5 lbs 25W
2 Bank Unit

28" X 17"
720 x 422mm

20" x 32" x 1.5"
50.2 x 83.5 x 3.8cm

10.5 lbs 50W
4 Bank Unit

56" X 17"
1444 x 442mm

20" x 61.4" x1.5"
50.2 x 156 x 3.8cm

42 lbs 120W
Illuminator Manual

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