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VuPlus Mammography Viewer

VuPlus Mammography Viewer

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The VuPlus is a mammography viewer with all the special features mammography imaging requires.

The viewing area is custom sized to 29 x 48½ cm to minimize light spillover, and the unit has two light intensities.

The VuPlus features a white baked-on enamel finish, a gravity-roller film grip retainer, five fluorescent lamps per viewing area (3,426 candela per square meter), a rocker switch and an 8’ cord with 3-prong plug.

28001 (single unit) 16⅜”H x 19⅛”W x 4”D Shipping Dimensions 22” x 18” x 6” 19lbs
28002 (double unit) 16⅜”H x 39 ¼”W x 4”D Shipping Dimensions 46” x 18” x 7” 38lbs

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